Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Little things amuse small minds - and all that!

After a lovely lie in, it was up and at them to ......... paint!  What else? However, by the end of the day, everything has had its 4 coats and I have started to cut in on the floor.  I have had an off cut of carpet from upstairs stored over the winter which should fit into the space created.  I have spent some time measuring it and trimming the sides the best i could.  I also tried to bind the raw edges with some cork duck tape - but it wasn't having any of it -so I gave up!

In-between my bouts of painting, and after some general housework (Maisie sure does drop clumps of black hair everywhere!) plus dog walk in the rain (grr),  I managed to add the binding onto a table runner that has been lurking on my "To Do" list for far too long!  One of tonight's crafting tasks will be to hand sew it into place so that I can tick the task off.

So, why the blog title?  Well, back in the 1980's I went to see, and fell in love with a musical called "Blondel".  It was written by Tim Rice and Stephen Oliver and centred around the search to find and release King Richard I and was full of humorous twists and tunes.  The fact that it starred Paul Nicholas didn't help in its appeal at all - honest!  The trouble was that it was a child of its times and there were references to people such as Margaret Thatcher.  However I bought the LP, and still have it, and tried to get the cd - resorting to recording it on one of those conversion turn tables.  Well, on Sunday, Elaine Paige talked about a revival in London and the release of the original cast CD - oh what Joy, oh what rapture -in fact its playing as I write this blog - its FAB!  As I said, little things and all that!

On the house move front, I can report that the 5 removal men have turned up and completed a mornings worth of packing and loading - coming back tomorrow morning to complete the job.  Fortunately they have left Mum and Dad with a bed and a tv for tonight!  When I spoke to Mum this morning she seemed to have lots of friends around helping them both out - they will certainly miss the friendships that they have built up over the past 26 years there!


  1. Well done on the painting, four coats huh, I was hoping to get away with two or at the most three! Certainly will be lots of sad goodbyes this week that's for sure!

    1. even with 4 coats it still looks a bit patchy to me - but i am living with it!