Saturday, 27 May 2017

Change the passport .......

This morning I had agreed to go and help take the money for our Church's "Big Breakfast" monthly meeting.  I have to say that they get a lot of food for their money and everyone seems to enjoy it - they even do take outs!  Sadly, however, I couldn't partake of one - there was too much oil used in the cooking!  However the company was good, even if the weather was rather stifling!

However I came home to good news - Sewlyte Designs have now sold 6 copies of our pattern (I know - its a slow burner!) - to people in both UK and USA - gosh, does that make me an international pattern designer then?  For those of you who are intending to buy a pattern, the price is being kept down until Monday morning when it will rise.  Essentially we are paying the paypal fees on the transaction and so the price rise will reflect these fees.

After a walk up at the beach (where Maisie introduced Daisy to a stream and the delights of paddling - thanks for that one Maisie), it was then back into the garden to first fit a couple of gate hooks onto the "She Cave" before commencing with the inside roof painting.  You cannot, simply cannot, imagine how delighted I am to report that the ceiling is now finished - imagine a happy dance!

Tonight should see the completion of my Scamblesby block - I hope so, in any case.  I really love it but now want it out of the way!

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  1. Woop Woop, how exciting! An international designer in the family! Well done.