Thursday, 21 January 2016

A really self indulgent day

Today started late - I woke up at 7:45 am !!!  Wow - what a treat!  No whining, no barking - you really appreciate a good nights sleep when you get it.  That meant that I could make an early start finishing the first half of block one of the Anni Downs quilt.  I am determined to finish this quilt by the beginning for December so I have to put the nine yards in now.  In addition I am really loving the needleturn applique technique.

So, after a bout of totally indulgent sewing, it was time for some housework.  One of the many trials with owning a puppy is that the house seems a bottle bag which she has been dragging around the house!  Still - at least Daisy and Millie have been playing well today.  When she's concerned, Millie puts her head and neck over her as if to both stop Daisy and protect her - bless.

Whilst I had the sewing machine I thought that I would try to repair Daisy's first toy - playing with Millie its had a brain transplant!  Unfortunately it required delicate hand surgery (the machine couldn't cope with the thickness) but it will last a little longer.


blocks 16 - 21

This afternoon it was time to play catch up with the 365 block challenge, write some birthday cards to post and pay the deposit for my holiday in June.  Sewingbuddy persuaded me that I ought to join her on a painting holiday (????????????????) in Scarborough in June.  Well - it is near our favourite discount sewing shop after all! 

I also watched a lovely film starring Helen Mirren - "The Woman in Gold".  Even though it was a true story, and therefore I knew the ending, it was a beautiful and, ultimately, both sad and uplifting film.

In reality I am just killing time before heading out to Slimming World - Daisy has been invited you may recall so we will see what chaos she can cause!


  1. Everyone needs a self indulgent day once in a while :)

  2. Mmmmm!!!! A brain surgeon as well.

  3. Love the block, keep it up, have it finished in no time.
    Good luck tonight.

  4. Without wishing to show our sewing ignorance, but just how big is this quilt going to be if it is going to take you until December to finish! Also, can we all expect lively painted pictures for Christmas?

  5. Sounds as though you had a perfect sort of day Lynda! Love the Anni Downs block, her designs are lovely! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x