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Sunday, 31 January 2016

A sunday roast diner - mmmmmm

Last night, just to update the doubters, passed well without a drop of food passing my lips.  I sold raffle tickets, portioned the puds and then served them - but avoided temptation - go me!  I then tried something different with Daisy's sleeping arrangements - I left the cage open so she could roam the kitchen and sleep with Millie - there was no moaning whatsoever and just one number two near the training mat - I was very impressed!

This morning I watched my sewing programme (not tempted so have still stuck to my pledge) and then set to tracing the next two blocks on the Anni Downs quilt.  We have all year to make this so why am I feeling under pressure to finish this early? (sewing buddy - I blame you!)  The noise from the hallway was an indication that the dogs were having a whale of a time - and that the hall will need hovering!!  Daisy is certainly sleeping less and has boundless energy - thank goodness she starts walking next week.

Then it was time to head over to Caistor where my brother and his wife had invited me over for Sunday lunch - along with Mum and Dad.  Living alone I don't usually bother with a Sunday roast so this was a real luxury!  Janet, my sister in law, is not a dog lover and so an invitation to bring Daisy was an honour - I think this picture suggests that Daisy warmed Janet's heart (my brother is trying to take a photo of them both).  Daisy has been invited to come over again - I think that says it all!


Once home, it was some hand quilting in the bedroom (trying to finish the Tuesday night star blocks)whilst Mum and Dad had 40 winks in the lounge.  Daisy and Millie quite tired themselves out and fell asleep on my bed.  Tonight the hand quilting will continue (thank goodness for Thimble-its) - whilst Mum and Dad watch different tv programmes to me (its a good job that I bought that armchair for the bedroom!)


  1. Ahh, what cute sleeping buddies.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Lynda! Christine x