Thursday, 22 September 2016

At last - a diagnosis!

So - let's start with last night and the Indian meal with the WI.  It was, in fact, a lovely evening with laughs and good chatter throughout.  It was banquet night and, after getting some advice I chose Chicken Pakora for starters (I had one of Jean's Onion Bhaji's and she had some of my chicken), followed by Chicken Korma, Pilau rice, some spinach dish and a Peshawari Naan - far far too much food and, breaking news - I left some!!  Still I'm sure there's enough veg there to qualify to be a slimming world meal - yes?

Today Wendy, and her husband Nigel, took Jean and I over to Meadowhall.  With this hectic social life, not to mention the new slimline figure (ha ha) I wanted to buy some new clothes and came back laidened down with bags!  Of course we had to start with coffee and a muffin (Costa of course) but lunch was kept to a snack of a toasted sandwich and spiced iced bun from M & S (it's a SW meal for tea - I'm back on plan!! (well maybe tomorrow eh?)

With a quick detour via Dunelm (for Wendy's nets), we were soon home - a lovely day was had by all!

And the diagnosis you ask?  Well, I came across this on facebook and it seems to sum me, Jean, Wendy, Sewingbuddy etc etc up - in fact almost everyone that I know in my sewing groups!  Ah well!


  1. Yummy food and excellent diagnosis!

  2. Lol!
    So true- it's scary.
    Glad you had a good day, shame about the diet!