Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Time for a change

Today started with another hospital appointment - it was the follow up appointment to the fitting of the prism and we went through the same series of tests in order to check progress.  I am pleased to say that they are happy and have discharged me - apparently there is some slight resettling issue to my bottom left but she thinks its just the eye problem settling down.  I asked her if it could come back and she said its possible but if the medication controlling the temporal arteritis is helping then continue to take as prescribed and I should be okay.

After some shopping, and taking the car to be cleaned (it hadn't been done since the end of June!), I went to another Slimming world class for this week's weigh in.  Wendy has told me that we are on a mystery day out tomorrow so I am not sure if I would be back in time / want to rush in and out leaving the dogs alone again.  Truthfully I wasn't expecting much of a result - my home scales certainly hadn't budged an inch - but I have been good this week and always sufferred from a week 2 dip.  However I am delighted to say that I lost 4 pounds - making it a total of 15 pounds in two weeks - woop woop - over one third towards my target of three stone in three months!  I even got another certificate!

Of course the main news today is that my front garden is being cleared as we speak.  These are the appalling before photos - I just gave up on the weeding once I knew that it was going to be done.  On one of the hottest days of the year, he has worked hard to clear everything - including the old gravel and replenish it.  My next job will be to paint the fence and prune the bushes.

So as he toiled in the front I put my feet up  had some lunch and then got ready for sewing tonight / mowed the back lawn.  I also had to take my quilt down from the wall since we've been asked to take it - I wonder if I will get told off for disobeying miss and using the wrong colour for the sashing?

Housework wise it was the turn of the kitchen and the bedroom to get the going over.  Neither were too disastrous so easily done within the limited time available.


  1. Well done on the weight loss!
    For a hot day like today, it looks like you have been way too industrious!

  2. You will have the poshest house in the road.
    Bet the gardener had wished kept last weeks appointment!
    Good news on the eye, and the weight, well done.