Monday, 5 September 2016

The highs and lows of living in the country!

Let me start, unusually, with Saturday night.  What I neglected to tell you yesterday was that my sleep was disrupted with some rustling near my bed around 3am.  After turning the lights on several times and spotting nothing I took the only sensible measure - decamp to the lounge chair!  However, when I got home from sewing yesterday I moved the bed , had a good look, and reassured myself that the giant rat who had taken up residence was just a figment of my imagination!  Being harvest time here, it is not unusual to have mice come into the house - you just deal with that - but not at 3am!  Later in the evening, whilst drooling over Poldark, I heard the same rustling - this time from the hallway.  Shutting all the doors, and making sure that the dogs were kept inside the lounge, I ventured out - only to be greeted with a small frog cowering on the floor. What followed, thank goodness, was never captured on film - I went up and down the hallway, trying to encourage the frog towards the open front door with the use of a soup bowl!  Fortunately for me he jumped into the bowl which I then used to propel him outside and quickly shut the door - cue a good nights sleep!

So - this afternoon saw the return of the craft group (now renamed as a Textile Group since we only uses textiles) and I had set them a mystery challenge.  They just had to bring a mini charm pack and some batting - I would bring the rest.  Now I won't reveal the final makes until they are finished but there was much cursing over more small half square triangles!  This morning, therefore, was spent cutting and collecting together everything that we would need.

After walking the dogs (its a really dull, grey day here - I even resorted to wearing a jumper yesterday!) and writing this blog, it will be time to settle down to some hand sewing - blanket stitching splendid sampler block lies ahead!

Dietwise - its all going well.  I won't lie - last night was difficult and it would have been very easy to much through the house - but there was nothing in!  This morning, in my quest for a different breakfast, I had a sweet souffl√© omelette with raspberries and greek yoghurt.  I am appreciating the time that I have to make something from scratch.  Lunch was a ham and lettuce sandwich whilst dinner will be a portion of the chilli - but served with potatoes and veg.  I find that I absorb water if I eat rice so tend to avoid it a few days before weigh in.

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  1. Oh to have been a fly on the wall in your hall!
    Well done on the diet...brekkie looks good!