Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 3 of the sewing retreat - the final push!

So -I started this run of self indulgent days with an ambitious list of tasks to prepare / complete.  truthfully, back in August whilst I was waiting to go on holiday, I made a list of everything I wanted to complete by the end of the year - these tasks are a minor component of that list!  However if I have made any progress at all then all is well in my world!

So - how far have I got?  Well first up today was to prepare 4 units for a Christmas present ready for hand sewing during those long wintery evenings ahead of me (if this hot weather ever breaks that is!)

Then it was time to start mum's table runner.  As you can see I have done what she asked for and completed the top of the runner.  The next task is to layer it up and do some simple quilting before adding the binding.  I am hopeful that this will be done by the end of the evening so will claim this as finished.

Then there was the small wall hanging that I started at Scamblesby with those dreadful tiny half square triangles.  Well - I finished the front today but there is some more embroidery to trace and complete before layering it up, quilting and binding.

Next up was the last Splendid sampler block on my list (I am now about 6 squares behind).  This one uses curved piecing - a technique that I have never tried before but, coincidentally, forms the skill that we are learning on our Tuesday night classes - starting next Tuesday!  Maybe I should have left this block until then - this is not great - but, there again, serves to show progress I guess!

Finally there was everything to prepare and put in one bag ( I am employing the kitchen sink method!) for my ScanNCut workshop tomorrow and Sunday.

So, all in all, a successful three days with most items completed.  The Christmas wall hanging won't take long and I will aim to complete it before I return to Scamblesby next Sunday anyway.  I have also promised Pat that I would applique the flower onto my apron before Scamblesby - it's always good to have a deadline!

  • Finish 4 splendid sampler blocks - no/s 59, 57, 46 and 34
  • Finish my Gail Pan bag
  • Make a table runner for mum
  • Prepare the equipment and supplies for my weekend workshop
  • Cut 42 10" calico squares for my sewing class next Tuesday
  • Finish my Lynette Anderson wall hanging
  • Make up 8 parts of a Christmas present (I have more details on my hand written list - don't worry)
  • Prepare another Christmas present ready for sewing
  • Raw edge applique a flower onto my sewing apron.

  • Mind you I think that Daisy is getting fed up with all the inactivity!  Maybe we will just stick to one sewing day at a time!

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    1. Ahh bless....well it sounds like you have done yourself proud!