Saturday, 24 September 2016

Well - it's a new skill to learn and fill our time!

Last night, you may recall, it was the WI quiz.  I am pleased to report that we didn't come last - in fact even our quest to watch all of Shakespeare's plays (there's another one this week) came in useful for one question!  However, not even the half time refreshments could help us win!  Our best round, though, turned out to be entertainment - cue lots more tv watching then - it pays off!

Today Wendy, Sewingbuddy and I attended a workshop to learn about crewelwork.  The aim was to learn a variety of stitches from a Royal School of Needlework tutor to produce this piece.  It was then up to us what it was turned into  - but a cushion looks favourite.

After setting up our seated frames and trying a few stitches, it was time for elevenses -where the choice was carrot cake, passion fruit cake with marscapone cream or, for Wendy, Lemon posset.  this was clearly going to be a non dieting day!  Lunch went the same way with a lovely buffet ranging from smoked salmon quiche to fresh bread with pate and cheeses - all followed by lemon posset.

By the end of our six hours we had all made progress and learnt - in fact we had learned so much that Sewingbuddy and I are going back in October to learn about stumpwork.  with all the free time that we don't have - is this a foolhardy move?

Any way - these are our efforts - judge for yourself!


  1. A very enjoyable day.
    Bring on the next workshop!
    Thank you Wendy and Lynda for your company, and Wendy for driving.

  2. Work looks lovely...and so does the food!

  3. Your stitchery is lovely.

    I do want to know a bit more about the leg is this the same leg that you had problems with earlier in the year ?
    As you had not mention any leg problems for awhile .
    You are so busy and I like the way you and you friends plan ahead and book events and rooms