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Friday, 23 September 2016

A "Bits and Bobs" day

With nothing really planned for today (apart from a visit to the nurse to dress my leg and the WI quiz tonight) it seemed a good chance to sort those niggling little jobs that seemed to get over looked.

First up was to book a twin room for Wendy and I at Horwood House for the Lynette Anderson workshop next August.  I know, its thinking ahead, but it may get booked up and we would regret not getting it sorted.  I managed to get a package which gives us bed, breakfast and a two course meal for £61 per person each night - not too shabby me thinks!  Yesterday a plan was formed whereby we might just call in at The Bramble Patch on our way down - well it's my birthday so would be rude not to wouldn't it?

Then it was onto my summerhouse.  Shockingly I received a phone call from Tesco yesterday evening wanting to deliver the summerhouse next Wednesday - yikes - I can't guarantee having a  patio until next Friday, I thought it was coming at the beginning of November!  We settled on next Friday and now I have to see if the joiner is free to come and put it up.  Meanwhile I saw a lovely nest of tables, that would look lovely next to my rocking chair, yesterday in Marks and Spencer's so ordered it this morning and they will come next Friday as well.

After a break to expose the duster to daylight, ahem, I then set to mowing the lawn,  Truthfully the grass was a tad too wet but I am running out of time given that the gardener is coming on Monday and I still need to move everything (pots etc) into the centre of the garden out of his way.  I also started the process of moving the tables and chairs indoors for the winter - even though it is a glorious and warm day today!  It was nice to see the geraniums clinging on for dear life in their mini pots so I have hung them over the newly painted fence just to enjoy their flowers for a little longer.

The final task, before setting off for the doctors, was to book a mini workshop for Wendy and I.  There is a Big Craft Event mid November in Lincoln with lots of craft stalls  (ooh a Christmas shopping opportunity!) and some one hour workshops are on offer.  We have chosen a log cabin Santa - I am sure that we could both do this but it seemed like a useful project to replicate in the future (red hats! - my family will understand that one!)

A visit to the doctors (or rather the nurses) revealed a shocking fact.  They had a new nurse there - Victoria - who I used to teach - and not so long ago either!  She sweetly asked if I wanted her to stay out of the room - she had just qualified and had started there on Monday - she thought I might be embarrassed.  There would be some procedures where I might have said yes but dressing my gammy leg wasn't one of those.  15 minutes later I emerged with a swab taken of my war wounds, a dressing put on and then ankle to knee bandage and stockinette - and have to go back next Wednesday.  Oh - and the best thing of all - strict instructions to rest and elevate the leg - lots of hand sewing then!!!!!  Well - I am not being lazy - its medical orders!

As I said, tonight I am taking part in a WI quiz event.  I have no idea what to expect but hope that it will be fun.  I will let you know tomorrow!!  Meanwhile I'm off to hunt the house for something suitable to rest my leg on - I'm eyeing up a plastic box with a cushion on!

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  1. Sounds like a productive day for a bits and pieces day...loving the sound of this summer house!