Saturday, 10 September 2016

A strange day !

Well -today was the first of a two day workshop teaching us how to use our ScanNCut machine.  It was one that Sewingbuddy had sourced and, truthfully, not the most expensive workshop that I have ever been to - but it certainly was the strangest!  I will reserve judgement until after tomorrow - and we did come away knowing more about our machine that we had started the day with but the method of delivery was, a tad different!

So -what did we learn?  Well we learnt how to maintain the machine and to calibrate it.  Then we moved on to writing our names with the machine and making labels for the tutor.

Next up was cutting out tiny circles to decorate the name places.

And cutting out funky foam which you could do to make your own stamps or stencils plus printing out card inserts.

Then we were challenged to scan in existing shapes and draw shapes within each one - finally cutting the out individually


before then being given some sticky holographic paper with which to produce stickers - learning how to group shapes together along the way.

Of course being SewingBuddy, Lynn and I, we then went "off piste" and played around with different types of fabric !

However - let's just say that we tried not to catch each other's eye and leave it there!!


  1. OMG!
    What a day, certainly one we will remember,
    How do we get ourselves into these predicaments???
    And we got to do it all again and tomorrow,
    How lucky are we!

  2. Oh do tell....we are all dying to know! Sounds like we need a "special edition" emailed to us!

  3. It sounds like you 3 "school girls" are playing games behind the teachers back and having a ball doing it!!
    Thank you for the pictures you look very happy, a super nice feeling to have.

    I often don't know the meaning of a phrase or a word here and there so I use google to " translate" your English into my English today it was "off piste" and one of the choices was "British " usage so I clicked on it to my surprise American and British English had exactly the same meanings listed.

    That's an other reason I enjoy your blog I am learning along the way ... Sometimes it's the small things that put a smile on my face

    Can not wait for the rest of your story
    San Francisco area