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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Girls are doing it for themselves

Forget the Spice Girls - today was a lesson in doggy power.  Let me explain.  Today was a day when the mattress was due to be delivered - time unspecified.  So, when I noticed that the laminate floor laid in June was lifting, I contacted the firm and they were in the area today so agreed to pop in and sort it.  As it turns out they think the oil leak several years ago is to blame - literally dissolving the glue!  However, whilst they were regluing it, I went outside and started to paint the fence in the front garden (remind me to never have a picket fence again!).  So there I was - the dogs sat oneside of the fence and me the other painting away - secure in the knowledge that Daisy could not escape - I had stapled chicken wire to the bottom of the fence.  Sure she tried - as you can see from the picture - but was getting no one there fast.

Cue Millie who, on seeing Daisy's dilemma, pulled the chicken wire off so that Daisy could get through.  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't watched it for myself!  Daisy quickly wriggled through and came to say hello -pleased as punch with herself.  I put her back, redid the wire and put a plant pot in front.  Once again Millie calmly pulled the wire back and Daisy was through.  Two plant pots later Daisy was put in the house!

So - the side fence now has its first coat - well on the front anyway!  That job took two hours!  But as you can see it has made a difference.

Having had to get up early for said mattress ( a time wasn't specified)  I also managed to get some sewing in (Christmas presents - sorry no photos).  I even managed to squeeze in some more preparation for the Tuesday night class.  Last night I cut 42 squares of calico into triangles, folded said triangles in half, pinched them and then drew around a template - finally cutting out the template from the 84 triangles.  Today I managed to start on the layer cake - much more scary!

Since the weather here is dry a least - with an occasional view of sunshine - it was also time to start sorting the garden out.  By that I mean bringing the outside table in - as I do every winter (there's a really heavy glass top so not my favourite job).  However, once the lawn is mowed (hopefully on Friday) I need to start moving other objects into the centre of the garden ready for its transformation next week.

The mattress arrived around 2:30pm - along with a man who apologised but said that he wasn't allowed to help me upstairs with it!  After much puffing - not to mention wet hair as I sweated away - I noticed the sign that told me the mattress needed two people!  Cue an emergency phone call to Wendy who gallantly came around and helped me - it was done with ten minutes - including the turn over when we realised there was an upside and a downside!  Of curse that meant that we could the  enjoy a more leisurely cuppa and catch up!

Tonight is the WI supper Club outing.  This time it's an Indian Restaurant - not my favourite type of food since I don't like the heat.  Hardly slimming I know - but I can't complain about my social life now can I? 


  1. Fence looks good, but how naughty of Millie,
    I think she was trying to get Daisy in trouble!
    I could take your place tonight if you want ,- I love Indian food?

  2. What a day! The fence looks great...and as for those cheeky dogs!!
    We loved our Indian yesterday and the left overs tonight and will feel more confident ordering one again.