Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Garden rehash - day 2

Truthfully this could be the shortest post ever - I have literally done nothing all day! 

The gardener arrived early again - darn it , no lie in then - and set to taking the slabs and greenery away.  Meanwhile Jean picked me up and we set off for the senior screen.  We had decided to watch Absolutely Fabulous and there were moments which gave us a good chuckle.  However the darkness combined with a lack of sleep saw me really struggling to stay awake.  When the lights went up Jean confessed that she had nodded off here and there!

Once home, after a detour via a local farm that sells lovely veg, the garden had been scalped and conversations had re paths / gravel / patio levels etc - there are now yellow lines sprayed all over the garden!  However, along with the pile of sand dumped at the front of the house, I can see that progress has been made.  Apparently there will be two of them tomorrow - digging out old roots etc.

So, apart from lunch and an afternoon nap, that is literally my day!  Tonight its my sewing class so I will need to get ready for that and I did spend some time sweeping out and trying to tidy the carft roo  ready for the blue project to advance, but I don't think that I would win the workers prize this Tuesday!  Ah well!


  1. Some days are just like that aren't they!

    1. that's okay - until you realise that you have to admit it in a post!