Friday, 16 September 2016

The weather is on the turn - thank goodness!

As I shivered last night beneath the summer duvet, my mind was made up - it was time to go back to the winter duvet.  I may live to regret this but I do love my feather duvet!  So my day started with bed stripping and washing.  Taking the summer duvet off meant that I could sort the dog bed out, wash that bedding and then give them my duvet (its cheap enough to have a new one every year).  Cue a disgusted look from Millie who doesn't like the smell of newly washed bedding - and look how much hair the dryer has managed to extract from the bedding!! Shocking!  Needless to say both the dryer and the washer have had an empty run through to ensure that they are properly clean!

Today has therefore been an at home day - one where I can get some more sewing under my belt.  However I am extremely tired so it was also one of those days when everything seemed to take an age to do!  First up was / should have been  a simple task - 4 coasters to match Mum's table runner.  That way I can get it into the post tomorrow.  Needless to say the unpicker came out in sympathy.

The next project was one that I have wanted to do ever since I made my artisan apron - some raw edge applique flowers up one side (see Pat I promised you that I would do them!).  I had also unpacked my bag from the weekend workshops and came across the flower heads that we cut on the ScanNCut machine so used them - that way it can be a reminder of the "fun" that we had!

The final job, before sorting out upstairs so that the delivery men have room to deliver my bed tomorrow morning (the delivery time is sometime between 8am and 10am - yikes!), it was time to trace a couple of designs ready for some applique.  Mind you I also came across an idea for our next project - Sewingbuddy - what do you think?


  1. Umm?
    Will let you start that one then .

  2. Mmmm loving that car!
    Still way too warm down here for duvets!