Thursday, 1 September 2016

A day full of food!

So - last night I re-joined  Slimming World, and then enjoyed a slice of Lemon and Poppy Seed drizzle cake.  Truthfully I would have liked the cake to have been more lemony - but it was very light and moist.  Almost pains me to give the rest away!!  However it is now sliced up and ready to take to the WI tonight.  Having watched last night's programme, I think that I will attempt the star baker's ginger thins.  mmmm stem ginger!

Talking about Slimming world - you will have noticed that I have changed the weight loss tracker at the top of the blog.  I thought that I would reset it to reflect the sponsored slim and set an ambitious target of three stone in three months - well - you always think positive at the beginning now don't you!

This morning was another early  morning - they were coming to fit the magic blind upstairs so that I can keep the blind down and protect the red from premature fading.  I didn't really know what time to expect them - but they had finished by 8:30!!  Just as well - I could then enjoy my "Magic Oats" breakfast in peace.

That meant that I had a lovely day stretching out in front of me.  I have spent this week feeling as if I would never catch up on even the most mundane things so today was going to, hopefully, be the day to get on top of things.  Well - that was the plan anyway. 

So - before I started - I made a large "eat me when hungry" Slimming World quiche. Full of veg and lined with ham instead of pastry, this quiche served as my snack, my lunch, will be my lunch tomorrow and I am taking a portion with me to the WI tonight so that I avoid temptation with the buffet.

Then, just before I start on the jobs, I sat and ordered a new bed, bedside tables and mattress for the upstairs bedroom.  They match the other furniture and M & S had another good offer on.  Then I had to make a Swiss Roll for tonight's WI meeting.  Of course I had just used up my eggs in the quiche so walked the dogs down to the free range egg man - only to find that he didn't have any.  So it was then a trip into the village to buy half a dozen.  I hadn't made one for many years but it doesn't look too bad.  The roll has gone a little loose and there might just have been too much jam but the sliver that I tried tasted nice.  The dogs enjoyed their ends that I trimmed off!

Then I had a text message from Wendy - had I checked my PayPal account - we had both applied to go on another Lynette Anderson workshop next August and they were requesting the money - which means that we had a place.  Cue looking at hotel possibilities and trying to decided whether to travel down on the Friday (well it's my birthday after all and I call that a nice treat) and then stay overnight on the Friday and the Saturday night.  This year a group of sewers all ate together on the first night so it will be nice to repeat that and enjoy their company.

Next up were the WI birthday gifts - this month I have gone for potting up miniature daffodils as a change.  But can you see those list of jobs receding into the darkness?  And that's my problem at the moment - I seem to be running to stand still!  I keep hoping that, at some point, everything will suddenly click into place and make sense.

The final task of the day was to finish ringing the raffle prize winners from the weekend and arrange for prizes to be collected - in-between phone calls I was flattening boxes with a view to doing a tip run tomorrow- what a glamorous life I lead.

Tonight, as I have said, is the WI when someone from Bletchley park is coming to talk to us about the code breakers - should be interesting given my mathematical background.

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  1. Swiss roll looks good! Well done. What are you going to make from gbbo next week.xxxx