Friday, 2 September 2016

What a day ....

Wow - today has been a whirlwind of activity with, at last, a feeling of getting somewhere!  First up was  a visit to the dog groomer for Daisy - I forgot my phone but you should have seen how much hair was cut off!!  In the hour between dropping her off and picking her up I managed to fill the car with more cardboard ready for the tip run and some carpet offcuts - in addition to some hovering and washing of floors.

Next up was the tip run, plus a visit to the library to enlarge some sewing patterns.  Its a particularly dislike of mine when you buy a book and then the book says enlarge by 200% - REALLY?  On the way home I popped into the doctors to pick up a prescription that I had left a month ago - to be told that I had left it too early and they needed to action it again so that I could pick it up again on Monday morning!  I also spoke to mum about the new bed that I had ordered yesterday - who was hoping that I had ordered a kingsize one and did her best "nevermind" voice!!

After a late lunch of steamed salmon - breakfast had been a healthy baked beans and mushrooms on whole meal toast topped with two fried eggs (fried in frylight of course) - I then walked the two dogs up at the beach and picked the post up when I came home.  I only mention the post because it contained a lovely surprise - the fabric that I had won from Hatched and Patched in their giveaway - 18 fat eighths - mmmmmm.

Of course the next step was then to set to amending the bed order!!  Since Mum and Dad use the bed more than anyone else I thought that it was only fair to try and give them what they wanted.  As it was both firms agreed to change the order - but I totally changed the M & S order going for more slimline bedside tables so the order came in cheaper for the bed frame and tables - result!  Sadly I couldn't say the same for the mattress!  However the whole process took around an hour by the time you were left waiting to be connected etc.

Tonight's tea will be another SW recipe of Fish and chips with mushy peas - using a breadcrumb and beer batter!  Truthfully I am using lemon and lime flavoured water but hey at least I am still trying - several people remarked on how good I was taking my own tea to WI last night.  Oh - what was that you were saying?  How did my Swiss Roll do?  Well I am clearly too modest to say but it came second to an excellent baker so I am really pleased with that!!

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  1. Another busy day then.
    Don't know how you had time for work before you retired!
    Or you worked and didn't have a life?
    Glad your enjoying keeping busy, can't understand people getting bored in retirement and end up getting another job or doing voluntary work!
    Should take a leaf out of your book.