Monday, 12 September 2016

The gift of the gab!

After a crafting week it is time to look after the house and try to restore order - even I have my limits!  So, after a lie in, it was up and at the conservatory - window frames cleaned down, floors swept, carpets hovered and items from the old shed nicely arranged in the new and expanding shed.  There are some wooden planters waiting to be painted to go one the new patio - when it happens - but they are staying in until they are weather proofed.  It felt like a productive morning.

Next up was a cheeky request to the garage - the warning light in my car had come on telling methat the tyre pressure was low.  A former student nicely sorted it out for me - for free - sometimes it helps to be a helpless female.

Then it was on to the Textile Group.  We were low in numbers today- just Carine and I tackling Janet Clare's one mini charm pack project - but I was able to grill Carine on her success yesterday in the Great North Run and admire her medal.

A tip run called with a car full of old plastic bits, textiles etc - all sorted as requested.  As I arrived at the recycling centre I noticed a sign writing firm.  The tutor, yesterday, had said that she got her vinyl for free from sign writing firms as they often have offcuts so I tried my luck.  I don't know what I imagined but maybe a bag of scrunched up bits - so when the secretary brought through some pristine lengths I was overjoyed.

But then the boss arrived with this box and asked if it was of any use.  I asked how much but he gave it for free saying that they have good intentions and try to save it but then forget and it gets ruined so is thrown away.  I guess that this will all divide into 4 for Sewingbuddy, Lynn, Jean and I - what a good find!  Now we just have to use it of course!  Cue lots of vinyl related Christmas presents!


  1. Lol!
    You don't waste time- do you.
    Well done
    Got something to thank you know who for, but even stranger fancy bumping into a sign writer today, now what to do with it?

  2. What a find! Brilliant, don't you just love happy accidents like that!