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Sunday, 25 September 2016

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ( Mark Twain)


Last night was thoroughly "strictlyfied" - catching up with Friday's programme as well as Saturday's.  In-between the fantastic dances I also worked on the crewelwork project started at the workshop - and managed to finish it.  Now I just need to decide what to do with it - make it into a cushion or perhaps combine it with others and turn it into a wall hanging.  The jury is out at the moment.

Sadly I didn't sleep that well last night - my leg means that I have to sleep on my back - not my natural position.  I am so sleepy that closing my eyes in church today to pray seemed dangerous!  Perhaps that goes someway to explaining why I lost an hour or so this afternoon and took some time to come to.  However come to I did and began a task that I have been putting off for the best part of a year - hence the quote as a title.  I can't reveal what I am making (yes it's another Christmas present so let's call it The Blue Project) but it involves 18 pieces of fabric and then cutting each piece into 6 strips - so that's 108 strips to cut!  On the grounds that you've got to start somewhere I am, at least, off and running and have reached the halfway point - well, with the cutting at least.  Mind you it seems that complicated that I have made a crib sheet to remind me what's what!  I would also point out that this is the most technically difficult project that I have ever attempted - I may just have to buy this person a present in case this doesn't come off!

Tomorrow, as I have said before, the gardener comes to start clearing the back garden so time was spent moving tables and chairs, pots and ornaments out of his way.  Luckily it has been a glorious afternoon and the dogs enjoyed their walk (what did the nurse say about keeping the leg up - well the girls deserve some fresh air!).

Tonight the plan is to spend some time cutting and preparing the pieces for some splendid sampler blocks ready for the sewing.  As Sewingbuddy is fond of telling me - if the pieces are cut then it is an easier and more achievable task to make a block up.  After all I am still playing catch up but now have a bed ready to receive its stunning quilt!


  1. Well done for finishing the Crewell embroidery.
    I know what the blue project is- but mums the word!
    I thought you said it was going to be easy.
    Glad your taking my advice on pre cutting the s sampler blocks, that's just what I have been doing today.
    Now put your leg up and rest it!!!

  2. Love that sweet little snail!
    Pressie looks intriguing!