Saturday, 3 September 2016

I will sleep tonight!

Last night I woke up every couple of hours - a by product of dieting and water loss IYKWIM!  I was aware that I had to be up at a reasonable time again - today I had a chap coming in to clean the conservatory roof.. It had never been cleaned since it was installed around 9 years ago!! Cue lots of green slime and mould on the roof!!  It took the poor chap over 4 hours - two of which was in the pouring rain - but it is now sparkling white and ready to see the next few years in lol!  He also cleaned my guttering out - a perennial source of potential flooding when it rains.

Knowing that he would be on my roof at times, I didn't feel as if I could go out (just in case) so I stayed in and started to sew.  First up was the completion and packaging of the Lavender Ravioli.  Between the Lavender and last night's antics I should certainly sleep!

Then I moved onto the Splendid Sampler - remember those blocks?  I am so far behind again so must play catch up.  Today I focussed on a paper pieced block - which I will then embroider into a kite.

For such a small block ( 6 1/2 inch square) you would think that it would be quick - but no.  By the time I finished it was time for a late lunch and a catch up of "Victoria" from last Monday night.

After sorting out everything for tomorrow's sewing day at Scamblesby (I always take too much anyway!) I then started another paper pieced block (which I hope to have finished by tomorrow!).  Looking for something on the computer to accompany me I stumbled across a little gem - Barnum on my Amazon prime.  I watched this musical live many years ago with Michael Crawford in and this version (starring him) was recorded live in a theatre around the same time.  In fact I remember it being shown on TV one Christmas in the 1980's.  If you stumble across it then please watch it - the energy and acrobatics are outstanding!

Talking about energy - the main highlight of today will come this evening at 6:50pm - the return of Strictly Coming Dancing - YAY!!

Dieting wise, breakfast was a lovely vanilla and cinnamon French toast with raspberries and greek yoghurt.  Truthfully today has been more difficult - perhaps its the weather (its cold and wet here!) but I am sticking to my allowance and only eating food within the scheme.  Tonight's meal is a nice warming chilli con carne - topped with parmesan cheese -  so that's something to look forward to - with a raspberry eton mess for afters!  Lets just say the home grown raspberries are coming in useful.

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