Sunday, 11 September 2016

Oh dear me dear -some people just shouldn't teach!

Maybe it's because I am a former teacher and my judgement is clouded but the crafting world seems to be populated by people with lots of knowledge who think that they can teach. Well, and especially after the second workshop today, let me tell you that some can't.  In my opinion, teachers need to be (in no particular order):-
  • enthusiastic,
  • knowledgeable,
  • motivational,
  • able to plan a structured course,
  • be well prepared,
  • empathetic,
  • able to quickly judge the starting points of their students in order to meet their learning needs, and
  • provide pace and challenge to ensure that students do not go off task.
I could go on.

Our tutor certainly knew her stuff - well, that is unless you asked her anything about fabric or the software that supports the machine - although, to be fair, she did offer us a free follow up course re fabric (we won't be going - see below).  She also had spent some time collating different types of paper and adhesive sheets for us to try different projects on.  But there appeared to be little planning, certainly no challenge or motivation (we were, at one point, given a gold piece of vinyl and told to do what we wanted to - err?) and I certainly drew the line when I was tapped firmly on the shoulder - twice - when I dared to do it differently to the way she wanted us to do - even though my way would have worked.  In fact, at one point, Lynn called her out on something that she said, but I didn't hear, and she apologised for being rude.  Never have I spent two days in such good company but with such an aggressive tutor.  To cap it all - she told us - on many occasions - that she has been in this business for 10 years and that this was the third workshop that she had done - err?

To be fair, as I said yesterday, I have come away knowing more that I started the weekend with - but would I go back to another workshop with her?  Not on your nelly!  As I said - some people are just not cut out to be teachers - let them develop their other strengths - please!


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  2. Oh my oh my....what an experience! At least you did learn something new, but I wonder if you could have managed that by yourself or on YouTube!

    1. I don't know - to be fair, she would answer / try to answer any questions that we had but we didn't always know the questions to ask.

  3. Oh dear! Hope what you did learn will be useful! Whatever happened to workshops being fun?!! Christine x

    1. Don't get me wrong - we had a laugh - it was just a tad hysterical at times!!

  4. Sounds like you ladies would have been better served to get together and watch you tubes to learn. I am guessing that the machine you have has extensive capiblities and this instructer had planned on only teaching a small portion, as it seems she could stand to learn a bit herself.
    I hope you ladies try again with a different instructor or get rooms and meals in and YouTube it