Saturday, 17 September 2016

The joys of a winter duvet

Oh those doubters out there - last night's sleep was wonderful.  As the wind and rain lashed the house I was snuggled down between the feather duvet and bed topper - it felt so comfortable and reassuring that it was a pain to let go so early.  When that alarm went off at 6am I could have cried!  Why so early you ask?  Well M & S were delivering the bed for upstairs between 8 and 10 and could ring around 7 to tell me that they were an hour away.  One has to be ready!  As it was they arrived around 8:40am and the new bed was quickly unpacked and assembled.  The mattress is coming from a different firm and will arrive on Wednesday - that plan is coming together and the upstairs bedroom is turning into a lovely comfortable spare room.

I am, however, still tired and everything today has felt like I am swimming through treacle.  Housework was done and post posted.  Otherwise I have been sewing - firstly making a start on some tea towel bags to sell at the Scamblesby Art Fayre in October.  The tote bags are made simply from Tea towels - often tea towels have nice motifs on and are made from stronger fabric than fat quarters.

Then it was time to assemble everything (plus the kitchen sink) for a Scamblesby sewing day tomorrow.  With my Christmas present list seemingly growing day by day I have decided to use these days to make the smaller gifts and, hopefully, start crossing off the list.  With only 98 days ad 8 hiurs to go I am not panicking - honest!

This evening (yes that is really all I have done today, apart from dozing through a lunchtime catch up of the soaps from yesterday!) the plan is to make a start on the applique that needs to be finished for the Textile Group on Monday.  I don't half leave things to the last minute!!!

Dieting wise everything is still on track.  Mind you - I am also doing more cooking - breakfast was Kedgeree, lunch was Bacon and Asparagus Pesto Pasta and Dinner will be a steak casserole with veg.  All of which takes time to create!

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