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Thursday, 15 September 2016

could this be the best £3.07 that I have ever spent?

Today was another early start before I headed off to my hair appointment.  It seems as if my appoints come around far too quickly but it is a very pleasant way to spend an hour - settled down with a good book and supplied with endless coffee!

After the weekly shop, I then popped into B & Q.  Having now got a neat front garden, I wanted to tackle the weeds growing in the cracks on the drive.  I found this gadget for £3.07 and have had fun this afternoon - scraping them out with ease.  In fact I am now looking at a very clear driveway!  The next job will be to sort the grass verge outside the property (the council never mow it) and then start to paint the endless fencing.  I will soon have to start charging admission!

The rest of the afternoon has, I am sad to say, gone quickly.  Dogs have been walked and housework done.  My aim, today, has been to get the house sewing ready - tomorrow and Saturday I have little planned so can have an extended period working on some Christmas presents / projects.  Of course, if the weather improves (it is grey and overcast here and is forecast to rain tomorrow) I shall start the painting.

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  1. I bought one of those from Betterware years ago...its brilliant isn't it! Mine is a little bent up and I worry it might snap, so now I know B&Q sell them I may just treat myself to a new one!