Thursday, 8 September 2016

Day 2 of the sewing retreat ...... what could go wrong?

Where do I start?  Last night I went to get weighed in and was flabbergasted (remember that bounty cake?) to see that I had lost a fabulous 11 pounds and was awarded my half stone award!  Mainly water I know - but what a start!!  My target for next week is 3 lbs so that I can get my stone award.

I then celebrated by coming home and trying out my Ginger Thins whilst watching The Great British Bake Off - and nearly had to call out the emergency dentist!!  Hard?  No wonder that pub didn't fall down!  Even my processor couldn't turn them into crumbs for a cheesecake  so, after all that trouble and cost, they ended up in the bin!  Not only that I really wasn't inspired by the bread recipes this week so I am admitting defeat!  Next week I am weighing in on a Tuesday anyway so it wouldn't fit but this is really far too much trouble!

After another sleepless night - the heat and leg cramps which kept waking me up (I have now bought some slimline tonic which seems to help) - I woke up early to get ready.  Ready for both my sewing day and the gardener who was going to clear my front garden and lay new weedmat and gravel making it look wonderful.  Well - that was the idea - and the reason why I had planned to stay in all day.  Shortly after 8am he contacted me apologising saying that he couldn't come (something about a broken key) and could he come next Tuesday instead. grrrrr!

So - I then started the sewing projects for the day.  Well - that was after I had emptied the contents of the freezer into the bath, wrapped it all up in a duvet and then defrosted the freezer.  You might as well make use of this time and I have made a list of the contents and the SW syn values to help with menu planning.  The first project was a Splendid Sampler square,

which went together so well that I then made a second one in an effort to start catching up.

Next on the agenda was a table runner for mum.  She has taken complete leave of her senses and bought multi coloured chairs (seriously - one blue, one purple etc) and found the furnishing fabric which matches, apparently.  She then chose some purple fabric and wants me to combine them in some way.  Before I started to cut the precious fabric I phoned her to check her wishes - but her phone was switched off.  Eventually we made contact but my mojo had switched off by then!

Instead I set to cutting out 42 ten inch squares for my sewing class next week,

and prepare some cream background fabric ready to complete the second Christmas present preparation tonight.  Trust me - the light box will be smoking tonight!!

All in all not quite the day I thought it would be but the tasks are being ticked off one by one - with just over 24 hours to go!

  • Finish 4 splendid sampler blocks - no/s 59, 57, 46 and 34
  • Finish my Gail Pan bag
  • Make a table runner for mum
  • Prepare the equipment and supplies for my weekend workshop
  • Cut 42 10" calico squares for my sewing class next Tuesday
  • Finish my Lynette Anderson wall hanging
  • Make up 8 parts of a Christmas present (I have more details on my hand written list - don't worry)
  • Prepare another Christmas present ready for sewing
  • Raw edge applique a flower onto my sewing apron.

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  1. Oh dear to the ginger thins...I'm not being much help am I either..although I must admit I didn't fancy taking on the bread challenge! As to the weight loss....WOW!! I am jealous! I think I have managed a pound this week!