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Monday, 19 September 2016

The "She cave" is on its way!

Inspired by TT&T's trip to Australia, I decided to look up my summer house - you know, the one I dreamt about in the MRI scanner for half an hour!  The back garden / patio is being sorted next week so I had planned to wait until next spring before ordering - but it wouldn't hurt to see if there was an offer on now would it?  As it happens - Tesco had the summer house on with £150 off if I ordered by Wednesday.  Too good to be true?  So I thought let's just get this ordered - at least it can be painted etc before the harsh winter starts.  As I logged on I noticed that Tesco was also offering a £25 discount for orders over £150 AND I had £13.50 in vouchers waiting to be used.  Therefore the she cave is coming in nearly £200 less than planned!!!  Worth waiting for a sale then!

Monday is the day I like to scoot around and square the house up - but there was also preparation to be done for the Textile Group.  We are tackling a project from Lynette Anderson's book - Cats and Dogs.  It's a handbag so last night the applique / embroidery was started and, this afternoon, we have to do some crazy patchwork for the outside of the bag - cue cutting of 2" strips of lovely fabric!

As ever, though, I was a rebel.  This is how the bag should look

and this is my version.  I have got rid of the cat (the lines will iron out) and replaced it with a Daisy like puppy.

Of course, whilst I was in the craft room I just had to put together the latest Splendid Sampler block - a nice and easy applique cupcake.

Lunchtime saw me at the doctors - I really love the idea of going online to book an appointment but you do have to wait a week if you want to pre-book.  Nothing serious - I knocked my leg and broke skin in the middle of August and it just won't heal up so its time to admit defeat and see the nurse.  Cue a dose of antibiotics to prevent it turning into an ulcer and another appointment on fridya to have the dressing changed - guess that will mean showering with cling film around my leg then to stop it getting wet!!

The weather here is really autumnal with rain and wind - so the dog walk at the beach was bracing nd blew away the cobwebs - all the better for coming home, locking the doors and settling down for the night.  My aim is to finish the LA embroidery for the bag and the Stitch and Flip - that way I am ready for next Monday and can focus on other projects.  Strangely I am also desperate to do something for the new bedroom upstairs - eve if it's just a simple padded coat hanger!  Why do I always want to do the project with the least priority?

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  1. What a lovely she cave!! Am only a tad jealous! Well done on the great offers too.