Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sewing feeds the soul

After a month away, today was a return to normality with a Scamblesby Sewing Day.  As usual I had taken a whole host of projects - but the half inch squares made of half inch triangles were my undoing! By lunchtime I had made 60 io these tiny squares, pressed them and removed the paper.

By the time I left I had managed to sew enough for 2 sides to be attached - this is a real labour of love!

So - if that's all that I was doing - what was everyone else up to you ask?

Well - Louise was preparing to sew her Redwork Birthday Reminder

Whilst Heather, who had spent much of the day laughing at me and my tiny squares, was appliquéing the title to a quilt that I have yet to finish (yes another UFO).

Julie was finishing a workshop project with some fantastic free motion quilting

whilst Pat was pressing her quilt top before layering it up with batting.

Sandra was embroidering some bluework with some gorgeous threads from Italy,

Terry was trying her hand at the tiny squares,

whilst Jean, who will kill me for this photo, was unpicking a bag - it was just not her day! 

So - as usual - it was a varied and interesting day - full of fun and laughter!

Yesterday I did promise you a picture of another Splendid Sampler block that I was working on (the blue border shouldn't be there but it helps to get the block to the right size lol!)

On the dieting front all is well.  The ladies were kind enough to all sponsor me today and I resisted the call of Jean's lovely Lemon Drizzle cake - somehow!  Let's hope that my heroic efforts reflect on the scales!

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