Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A mystery tour

As I have said many times, the recent bout of illness has shown me what fantastic friends I have and today I repaid the kindness of my two main chauffeurs by taking them out for lunch.  All they knew was that I would pick them up at noon - they didn't know where we were going or that the other was going as well.  That left me a free morning to finish one splendid sampler block and make a start on a second one.

So - we set off and, I must admit, we did do a few false turns to put them off the scent.  We turned into Waltham Windmill and Jean piped up - "ooh I've never been here before".  As I turned the car around I replied " well you won't be going today".  Cruel eh?  Then we stopped off at a Garden Centre.  Again Jean said " Ooh I really like it here".  Well I replied "you've got ten minutes for a quick look around and a toilet stop".  Her face was a picture! Eventually, of course, we ended up at our destination - Lilly's tea room in Keelby where I invited them to pick anything that they wanted.  Jean and Wendy ended up with a very attractive looking ploughman's lunch whilst I had a bacon and brie sandwich.  For afters we all indulged in a cake although mine was a very gooey bounty cake.  Yes I know that my first weigh-in is tomorrow but these things just have to be done and I can cut down on tea tonight!

On the way home we stopped off at B & Q - I haven't had a landline since the end of July and think that I know what the problem is - the wires in my connection box have come loose so I wanted a connector tool.  Meanwhile I was seduced by a Wifi extender so the next task is to try and extend the wifi into the far end of the conservatory / bedroom - maybe even into the garden ready for the she cave!

Looking at my calendar I have nothing really planned for the next three days - just slimming world tomorrow night and a Tesco order.  So I have decided to plan a sewing retreat.  Over the next three days I intend to:-

  • Finish 4 splendid sampler blocks - no/s 59, 57, 46 and 34
  • Finish my Gail Pan bag
  • Make a table runner for mum
  • Prepare the equipment and supplies for my weekend workshop
  • Cut 42 10" calico squares for my sewing class next Tuesday
  • Finish my Lynette Anderson wall hanging
  • Make up 8 parts of a Christmas present (I have more details on my hand written list - don't worry)
  • Prepare another Christmas present ready for sewing
  • Raw edge applique a flower onto my sewing apron.

There - I have put it out there so now I will be accountable!


  1. What a lovely treat :)
    Sounds like a great idea...a home retreat....will be eagerly awaiting the piccies!

  2. Poor Jean, still all, turned out well in the end, can't moan about Lilly's tea room now can she?
    Good luck with the sewing retreat ,
    and the weigh in tomorrow, looks like I will be quids in!

    1. well - I am hopeful of a couple of pounds off at least - even if its water!