Wednesday, 28 September 2016

day 3 - now you see him, now you don't

After an early rise for the gardener - he didn't turn up until 9:30am.  He apparently hurt his elbow 4 months ago but decided yesterday to go to the doctors and was sent for an x ray first thing this morning.  He had arranged for a friend to help him today - but his friend let him down.  Why me?  Not only that after about an hour or so he rushed into his truck and drove off - I had no idea why / where he had gone - but he left his tools here!  after about two hours he reappeared apologising - saying that his wife had messaged him saying that the trucks MOT had run out so he's taken it to a garage and returned with his trailer - ladened down with the slabs etc.  Mind you he made up for it this afternoon - the cement mixer ahs been going all afternoon and slabs are starting to be laid.

Anyway - back to my day.  Having spent some time on some church admin, and then at the doctors getting the dressing on my leg changed, it was down to working on The Blue Project.  Without giving too much away, I was working on creating 6 pieces from all those strips.  Let's just say that I managed to get over halfway through but its a long process!

I also managed to find some time to work on my Tuesday night project.  We are making a quilt using curved piecing - each one needs to be pinned within an inch of its life before sewing.  On the grounds that you only have so many pins you have to pin, sew, pin, sew etc - this will sure take a long time!

Tonight is one of our forays into the world of Shakespeare live.  This time its to see Cymbeline - a play that, even after I have read a synopsis, I am not familiar with and cannot pretend to understand!  I have watched a trailer and its seems a bit trendy but we will give it a go.  Let's hope that I don't fall asleep again!

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  1. Ooo err to the gardener! As for tonight, sounds like the perfect place to catch up on some sleep I would say!