Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Happy accidents - and today's mystery tour

So we set off to our mystery destination!  However it soon became clear - particularly when Sewingbuddy joined us and the Humber Bridge came into view - that we were off to Scarborough.  Wendy had never been to the fabric shop so we were off for the day! Now you have to understand that we have never yet gone the same way there and back - often travelling the whole 2 1/2 hours with no toilet/ coffee stop.  Today was no different -apart from the fact that we stumbled across a craft centre, set out as a castle indoors, with a pair of stocks to keep Sewingbuddy in place!!  What a happy accident!

Once at the fabric shop, Wendy was beside herself - finding treasure after treasure!  She was, I am happy to report, quite restrained! (but would go again!).

After we left Scarborough, it seemed to be sacrilegious not to stop off at Bridlington, have some lunch and visit a sewing shop that Sewingbuddy and I had discovered on our art holiday - cue more spending!(all essential you understand though).  Sewingbuddy had rung ahead and booked us into somewhere for lunch (somewhere with a great view)- where I tried the extremely slimming steak pie and chips!

So my mystery trip was a lovely day out, expensive but really good fun - and I came back to a finished front garden - well finished as far as the gardener is concerned.  I am trying to save the fuchsia but also need to paint the fencing and weed between the cracks in the concrete. All in good time!


  1. Thanks for a lovely day, even if you did put me in the stocks!
    P.s you for got to mention the slimming salted caramel ice cream!

  2. Hmmmm salted caramel ice cream!! You WILL have to be good for a while!