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Sunday, 24 July 2016

A frustrating and busy day


As I mentioned yesterday, my parents are travelling up today from Devon for a visit.  Therefore today's activities were centred around getting the house shipshape and preparing a meal - just your usual everyday tasks.

However, I also have my target to achieve so I also focussed on completing a couple of blocks.  The first one was the finishing off of the pincushion block - the embroidery adds the necessary detail and I am particularly fond of the "seeds".

The second one was machine sewn but should have been easy to complete - 36 1 1/2 inch squares (some of which were made using half square triangles ).  It was an intricate pattern but one that went together well - until ...........

Finishing the last row I was one half square triangle short.  Somehow this had got lost between sewing, ironing and trimming.  Never mind I thought - its bound to turn up as I tidy up throughout the day.  Well, folks, it didn't!  Not only that the yellow was from a scrap that I don't seem to have any of left so I can't remake the square. 

All I can do is to walk away and decide whether to patch with another piece of fabric or start this quarter again.  I suspect it will be the latter grrr!

Let's put the tea on!!


  1. What a shame!!! It might turn up you never know. I love the pin cushion block make a love!y wall hanging!!xxx

  2. Love the pin cushion too :)
    And I thought it was only me who lost things like that!! There is a big hole somewhere with all our missing pieces, just waiting to be discovered! Have fun with your visitors and hope the airbed lives up to expectations.