Saturday, 23 July 2016

The day that I get excited about an airbed!

Another day and more sewing.  Not surprisingly, I hear you say, I used today to prepare another three blocks - a bonus block and two official ones.  I say prepare because these are all appliqued in some form and require some embroidery.  I can't count them finished until this is all done.  So we first have the bonus block - which will just require a button on the flower after the block is quilted.

Then we have a pincushion which needs some buttonhole stitching to secure it and then some embroidered features.

Finally we have a set of hexagons.  I saw someone else turn their hexagons into a countryside theme so thought that I would give it a go - there's more work to be done here yet!

But my man excitement, as the title suggests concerned an airbed.  Let me explain.  As I have explained, the next room to be completed is the spare room and, having checked that no one was due to visit, I gave away the bed to make it easier to decorate and because the bed was old. Then my parents decide to visit!  It's okay, they say, we will sleep on an airbed so we bought a regular foot pump version.  Then mum gets sciatica and wouldn't be able to get upstairs let alone down onto a low airbed.  Truthfully I had already offered to swap anyway - but I wasn't looking forward to the experience.  But a friend, Sue, came up trumps and offered me her single airbed that you just plug into a socket and it inflates.  What she didn't tell me was that the bed ends up nearly two foot off the round - 2 minutes inflation and luxury!  I won't be sleeping on it until tomorrow night but I am seriously impressed with it!!

The other piece of news is that I have finally heard from the tax man and am pleased to report that his figure broadly agrees with my calculation of the tax that I overpaid - it should be in my account by the end of July.

This afternoon I treated myself to a musical - and a childhood memory.  BBC radio 4 extra are having a season of musicals - 9am on a Saturday morning.  So - using the iplayer I can sit back and enjoy them on a Saturday afternoon.  The first one was last week - Sweeney Todd.  It wasn't really up my street, to be honest, but today's was Guys and Dolls.  When I was young I used to watch these musicals with Dad - and fondly remember watching Marlon Brando singing "luck be a lady tonight".

So - the block count is still at 17 (but the bonus block has been completed) - 4 to be published yet (the next one is tomorrow) and two should be completed by tomorrow night.  Onwards and upwards!


  1. Doesn't take a lot to excite you!!!! I remember those days of musicals, going to bed at 6pm and being woken up and 8pm to watch them!!!!!! Spoilt I say!!!xxxxxx

  2. Blocks are looking good, keep up the good work!
    So much excitement over an airbed! Well did you ever! But for a good nights sleep I am with you 100%!