Saturday, 30 July 2016

In which Cinders rebels!

Yesterday I mentioned that the internet was down.  I could live with that one and was getting stressed about tomorrow's sewing day - we are doing a bag with soooo many pieces that have to be labelled etc that I just needed some down time to get my head in gear!  However my "silver surfers" just can't live without their internet -"I'm checking my technology" or "Have Leicester signed anybody in the last minute?"  In the end I sent them out to do the shopping!!  Meanwhile I have sorted out the internet - loose connection in the telephone socket.  At least we can watch a film tonight.

This morning also saw the removal of the summer house  the recipients were planning to repair it, line it and then use it to house their snakes!  Funnily enough though they were scared of spiders!  Fair do's though, they came early, took it down and away in one piece - along with a car load of rubbish from the shed that needed to be taken to the tip - what a result!  As a consequence I now have a much larger garden - and an elderflower tree to remove!

Consequently I have had a sewing sort of day - getting ready for tomorrow, as I said, doing some prep work on some blocks and starting a paper piecing block (there will be three pencils in the end)  Not many steps on the old step counter but a really enjoyable "Me day".  I also got to try out the best press to starch some thin strips - very impressive!

Talking about the blocks - I finished this last night so the total to complete is 11 by next Thursday.  I should finish the grey and red Dresden plate tonight and make a start on the Gail Pan embroidery.  I also have the squirrel picture set up for blanket stitch and will, hopefully, finish the three pencils tomorrow - so that's nearly 7 left to go - right?


  1. Your getting through those blocks, like the pencil.
    And forgot about the best press, will have to sort mine out.

  2. Life without internet when you are away from home is rather miserable I must say, so well done for getting to the root of the problem!
    Lovely sewing :) x