Saturday, 16 July 2016

Cyclops sewing at Scamblesby

Today was one of our sewing today at Scamblesby - a collection of projects all sewn by a group of enthusiastic friends.  Pat, for example, had finished her second Gail Pan bag - I have bag envy since I've had a kit for this for nearly a year.  However we are all hoping to do this bag next time.

Pat was also quilting her "Tuesday evening blocks" (although, truthfully she goes to this class on a Tuesday morning).

Lyn was tracing her design for the Gail Pan bag so that she can start the embroidery.

Whilst Pat was using a little windy gadget to load her embroidery skeins onto card.

Me?  Well I was making some bunting for an expectant mum.

On the way home Jean and I stopped at a Horticultural show where Jean wanted to see how her Daughter in Law had fared.  We spotted this first prize for her bag and a first prize for a lovely looking chocolate cake.

But our hearts were really taken by the children's section and their use of vegetables.

We had the cucumber "Hungry Caterpillar"

The broccoli Poodle

And, my favourite, a potato and Carrot enthusiastic animal that reminded me of Daisy.

Tonight its a WI theatre trip to see "Songs that we like to sing" - songs from the musicals - stop me singing now!

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