Saturday, 9 July 2016

I feel lucky, oh so lucky ..........

On Facebook there is something called "100 days of happiness challenge".  Everyday - no matter how bad your day has been - you are challenged to post something that has made you happy that day.  Some days we all struggle to find something - however small - but today I had an embarrassment of riches.

First up was the delivery of a shaker style shelf - ready to be fitted upstairs in the newly decorated bedroom.  The room, which is in the loft, cannot have a wardrobe due to the sloping roof - so a set of shelves (adorned with some nice padded coat hangers of course) was the order of the day.  Why did it make me happy?  How often have we ordered something off the internet and been disappointed - this is lovely!

Then there was the delivery of a little gift to myself - a brooch from the lady who ran the workshop that I missed last week.  I might even give this a go myself and see where I get to.

Then there was, of course, Daisy and Millie who, once again, have been fabulous (Daisy walked a lot better today - just chasing a leaf!).

And lastly there was this lovely bunch of flowers from Wendy.  Not just the flowers themselves, of course, but because they were delivered by a good friend - along with a couple of grocery items that she picked up for me - and because we enjoyed a good gossip over a cuppa.

Today has been one of life's really good days!

By the way I ended yesterday's blog with a problem to solve - how my quilting friends and I would get back from the NEC next month now that I won't be able to drive them.  Bless her - Carine has offered to drive both ways - it will mean that they will have wasted money on train tickets there but saves spending more money and will be much more comfortable.  As I have said - I really do have a good bunch of friends!


  1. Oooh!!! What a lovely day. So pleased for you and a big thank you to your friends. Just to complete the happiness wouldn't it be lovely if your eye righted itself!! xxxxx

  2. Wonderful news on your transportation to/from holiday issues.

    And your dogs are such a comfort when things are not quite right

    I Attend weekly classes to help me deal with emotional issues and each week is a different topic anyway happiness as in seeing the bright side of things is a very good thing for your brain it strengthens that feel good path way

    Also being kind does the same kind of thing so it is really good of you to allow and accept the goodness and kindness of your friends it helps not only you but them also
    Prayers and best wishes

  3. What a smashing day! I love those Shaker shelves, I have several!
    Good friends are indeed a blessing and you are indeed blessed xx