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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

From little acorns .....

Last night I posted that I was going to look for some eye pad patterns.  Whilst there were a number of them, they were all concave to stand away from the eye - but would not allow glasses to be worn over them.  However I did see a picture that caught my eye - a cover for your glasses that bent around the corner to block out both front and side light - so I tried to adapt that picture for my own glasses using felt.  A little rough - but it worked!

Happymum posed the question - was I going to make enough to match outfits with.  Well - today I made a start.  I have used different edgings - raw edge sewing, machine buttonhole and handsewing buttonhole stitch.  They really don't take long to make but I will wait until I see the consultant tomorrow before I forge ahead - he may think them unsuitable.

Last night I also managed to finish sewing the sashing on the back of my quilt - only to find that someone had taken up residence already - bless!

So - today has been sewing and creating - but it was also a trip to the Senior Screen where I watched "Demolition" - a strange film - not bad just strange.  On the way home Jean stopped at hers to get some crumbles out of the freezer that she had made for me - mmmmmm.


  1. Brilliant patches!! I can see a new fashion trending!
    Mmm crumble...what a lovely friend

  2. Patches look very snazzy, could be a new business venture, there must be an opening for stylish eye pads in the market?
    Better get them patented!
    Good luck tomorrow.