Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A strange old day

Well - last night didn't exactly live up the billing - it turns out that very hot evenings are not comfortable to stitch in - so I turned the TV on in the craft room and continued the big tidy up.  That means that we are nearing completion but I went to bed buzzing and can't wait for the sewing table to be erected so that it can be finally finished.  It also meant that I had even more rubbish to throw away - my recycyling bin is full and won't be emptied until next week.  Consequently Jean picked me, my handbag and 4 bags of rubbish up today - we stopped at the recycling centre on the way to the senior screen!

The film of choice today was Florence Foster Jenkins - starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant.  It was a gentle bitter sweet true story of an American lady who promoted music in the 30's and 40's and believed that she could sing - even going to the lengths of hiring Carnegie Hall to give a concert.  There were lots of well known actors in the film but one name eluded me - I just couldn't place her - until the credits came up - Thelma Barlow of Coronation Street (Mavis) fame!

On the way home Jean and I popped into B & Q to buy the paint for my upstairs bedroom and a mirror, and into a workshop to pick up a shot blasted tyre rim for her husband.  By the time we got home I was desperate for a cold drink and a sandwich!

Against this backdrop of normality, emails and facebook messages were going back and forth regarding my Lynette Anderson workshop in August.  Lynette was replying to my email regarding the necessity of taking a sewing machine (thank goodness I don't have to take that on the train!) and sending out newsletters - including a template for a needlecase (I had missed the previous newsletter so need to get a wriggle on there.) Apparently we make a needlecase and then swap it with someone else attending the workshop - sounds like fun.  Christine has also been messaging me about meeting up for a drink.  Christine, Wendy and I met up at a Gail Pan workshop last year and she is going to the second day of the workshops.  However Christine is staying overnight at the hotel and is planning to arrive around the same time as we finish our first day so we are hoping to catch up.  I really admire her stitching skills and you can follow her work in her blog here.


  1. It certainly is warm! Sounds like quite a hectic day one way and another!

  2. Certainly has been too hot to stitch here today! Looking forward to getting together.... I think the workshops sound like fun! Christine x

    1. Oh.... and thank you for the compliments!! x

    2. Well deserved! See you soon hopefully x Am off to make a needlecase!