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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I'm in training for my new job.........

Let's start, as usual, with last night.  I had a fantastic sleep - only to wake up 8:05am!!  I felt lovely and rested - just as well really!  With mum being out of action, and dad walking his dog (and fetching elevenses), my first job was to get breakfast.  Mum has a penchant for a soft boiled free range egg with toasted soldiers and a sprinkling of salt.  Today's effort was perfect, apparently.  Yesterday's was "good" but the soldiers didn't fit into the hole that she'd made!!

Next up was the washing of mum's hair.  She is finishing it difficult to bend over or stand long enough in the shower - cue the shower hose and the computer chair raised up high.  Afterwards she trimmed and blow-dried her hair. 

By now Dad had been working hard on the shed - or rather the trimming of the conifer hedge so that it could sit straight (with the help of sand that we need to get).  Seeing as it was after 11, it was time for morning coffee and dad's treats.  Daisy, of course, liked to help Dad get rid of the trimmings.


My next task was to make mum a "bum bag".  I had already sorted her a hanging system on her frame so that she could carry her ipad etc with her from room to room.  Her "bum bag" was to hold her tens machine and her purse when she ventures out.

By now it was lunchtime ( they had deconstructed sandwiches to make up - I was flagging!) and they took a nap whilst I finished and prepared some blocks. 

I finished the hexagon block - sewing a small country scene across the middle.

Then I prepared the latest block - ready for some blanket stitch - and trimming to size.

Finally I prepared a squirrel block - again ready for some blanket stitch, button and a "yoyo".

Next up was some more work emptying the summer house.  In a ruthless mood, I listed my bike on the sale facebook page for our area (it's a good bike but has just been sitting around in the shed and is too high to get on).  Within the hour someone I know contacted me and is coming tonight to collect and pay cash - more funds for my holiday then!!

Finally ( I say finally but I still have tea to prepare and I have already made dessert - the summer pudding "roll" that they made on masterchef last week -well my version anyway) - Dad drove us all up to the beach to give the dogs a walk and a run (they are now flaked out) whilst mum sat outside the car on a seat and waited for us.

It's been a good day - but I'm not sure that I'd be up to the job of carer on a permanent basis!

Meanwhile the block count is reducing - 14 to go with, as I said, two prepared for some hand sewing.

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  1. Sounds like a good day...especially with a lie in!
    Such a shame about Grandma's pain though:(