Sunday, 17 July 2016

Reclaiming the conservatory

In hindsight, today was not the best day to set out reclaiming the conservatory - it has been far too hot.  But, nevertheless, I forged ahead this morning emptying the contents into the craft room and then, slowly but surely, trying to find homes for everything.  Consequently more paperwork has been set fire to (after the grate was emptied from before) and more storage pots have been emptied - I now have enough to open a shop with!  Daisy and Millie, of course, oversaw the proceedings in their usual way!  Mind you - the new blinds came in useful - I can now open the windows properly to let the cool east coast breeze come in and cool the house down.

As a break, I then set to making two of the easier Splendid Sampler blocks - I am now officially making the effort to catch up.  The Tuesday night block quilt is now completed and I will post a picture of it tomorrow in situ.  Tomorrow, at Craft Group, I want to start with some of the appliqué blocks and get the mini iron in place to fix everything down.

Next stop was the lawns that needed mowing (not my favourite job!) It was an excuse, however, to get the parasol out of the shed to create some shade for the table.  After which I found the Gail Pan bag pattern that I mentioned yesterday and cut out / interfaced the cream fabric ready to transfer the design - I am SO looking forward to trying out my magnifying lamp tonight!

So, as I look back on today I have mowed lawns, moved a shaded table outside, filled a fire grate to empty again, emptied a conservatory so I can now see the areas which need a good clean, found windows that open, have fabric ready prepared to trace an embroidery design on, can see a craft room which is taking shape (albeit still in chaos), completed a load of washing and have enjoyed two telephone conversations with my mum and a good friend - not a bad day's work!


  1. Sounds very busy to me, thought you were taking it easy?
    Still it must feel good to finally get back in the craft room.

  2. On a hot day like today that's not a bad days work at all!! Don't over do it!!