Thursday, 28 July 2016

Another day, another lunch out!

Today was one of those days when I didn't really know what to do with myself.  It's my MRI scan tonight at 7:30pm - you may recall that I REALLY am not looking forward to that one!  So - in an effort to take my mind off things, we went out to another garden centre (got some REAL bargains with red on them - nudge nudge) and saw a really nice rocking chair  in the sale that I could just see in my new summer house - if I ever decided which one to buy, have the patio laid etc etc!

Of course we had a coffee out - and then went onto Watts for Tea in Grainthorpe where we had a late lunch.  Dad and I had a sausage bun,

whilst mum had an eggy bread cheese and ham sandwich with salad.  Very tasty apparently and something that we fancy trying at home.

Once home, I finished blanket stitching a Splendid Sampler block

and then, miracles of miracles, downloaded today's block and finished it!!  It used foundation paper piecing but was a nice easy one and might, once I've got more time, lend itself to some embroidery on the seams!

So the block count is now down to 12 to be completed by next Thursday - yikes!

Yesterday I mentioned that there was some work being done on the house and that I would report back.  Well I now have a lovely new double glazed window  in the craft room and there is no longer a hole in the floor upstairs on the landing.  I also have a lovely workbench in the craft room and can move easily between the sewing machine, computer and iron.  Sadly, however, and it is COMPLETELY my own fault - the bench is too high and will need to be lowered - it's just not a comfortable height to work.  As I said - it's down to me and a valuable lesson learned!  The craftsmanship, however, is faultless.

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  1. You sure know how to live it up!
    What a shame about the bench :( couldn't we just kick ourselves when we make silly mistakes like that.
    Be thinking of you tonight x