Friday, 22 July 2016

20 blocks to go .........

As many of you will know, I am attempting to complete the Splendid Sampler.  Every Thursday and Sunday a new block is released - from designers across the world and using a range of techniques - some of which I really don't take to but am trying to see it as a learning curve.  In total there will be 100 blocks - but every now and then a bonus block is released and so the number increases.  My aim is to complete the squares, quilt as you go, and then make up into a quilt for my guest bedroom.  So - that's the background and the plan.

The reality is that, although I started well, with illness and some blocks requiring a greater length of time (embroidery) - oh and not to mention that I sacrificed one of my embroidery blocks for the WI competition bag - I am now behind.  Now I know that this is not a race but I do like a deadline and, as it happens, the 50th block (halfway point) is on my birthday - wouldn't it be nice to be completely up to date then?  So that is my mission - only 20 blocks to do in two weeks then (cough cough).

Today, truthfully, I did cherry pick some easy ones to get me started.  First there was an appliqued flower.

Then a pieced patchwork block,

and a block using the selvedge of the fabric (the waste bits that you usually cut off).

Of course switching between stitches I forgot to change the stitch / foot - broke a needle - and needed to take the plate off the machine to recover the broken needle.  There I found this mess!  It would be bad enough if you didn't remember that this machine was cleaned and serviced only 3 weeks ago!  Yikes!

So there are now 17 blocks to go (4 of which haven't been published yet) and one bonus block.  I will report back!

Last night, you may recall, I went out to a tapas bar with the WI.  I was really pleasantly surprised.  There were 11 of us and 15 dishes on the menu so we ordered 2 of everything and I had a little bit of everything - mmm.  I loved the black pudding dish but my favourite was a poached pear, walnut and blue cheese salad.  Quite frankly I could have eaten the whole bowl myself - and I am really not a salad lover!


  1. Tapas are great!! Not that we are that experienced with them, but have always enjoyed the ones we have.
    Ooo err on the dirt in the that how much that has accumulated in three weeks...or not serviced properly?
    Keep going with those will be great!

    1. I am sorry but the dirt is all mine. The black fluff will be from sewing the black sashing on my Tuesday night quilt.

  2. Think yourself lucky , having 17 to go,
    I am about 36 behind!
    Glad you enjoyed the tapas, did you eat any tomatoes?