Monday, 18 July 2016

Shedding some light on the matter ......

Last night I hung the quilt on the wall and promised a picture - so here goes.

I also used my new magnifier lamp for the first time since my eye problem - wow what a difference!  I could sew without feeling that I was straining my eye - and the large viewing area made the work easy to handle.  Not only that but, today, I took the magnifier with the desk clamp to the craft group and it worked a treat!

Talking about the craft group, Wendy popped along to sort out her artisan apron pattern and to cut it out - well the lining first - it needed taking in in parts and lengthening in others - might as well do that to the lining than the outer!

Jean brought her machine with her with the intention of finishing a Christmas present and Carine brought her machine in order to carry on with some splendid sampler blocks.  then the electricity went off and we sat for around an hour with a power cut!  Ev was more canny - she had charged her light box and so could do some tracery of patterns!  Carine "sweetened" our trials by bringing her daughters birthday cake.  well - we just had to help her now didn't we?

I don't know about you but its extremely hot up here.  I therefore wonder about the wisdom of my next move.  Starting yesterday afternoon, and finishing this afternoon, I have "unearthed" the stepping stones (grass grows over them every year).  I have also unearthed my pebble fountain, washed the pump filter and tried it - it works!  I'm not confessing how long its been since I have had the fountain on - but Jean didn't remember that I had a fountain!  Daisy, meanwhile, thinks that it's a very strange thing!  The final garden task was to pick today's supply of raspberries.  My parents are planning a visit soon so a homemade / homegrown fresh cream raspberry Victoria sponge is in order.

Tonight?  Well some more embroidery of course - now that I have regained my ability to see the work!!  It feeds my soul!


  1. Stunning quilt, looks perfect...well done!
    Mmmm to the sponge!

  2. Glad the magnifier is of use.
    And quilt looks good.