Sunday, 31 July 2016

Another day in sewing paradise

It's like medicine - the ability (and time) to just please yourself - surrounded by good friends and like minded people!  Today was my Scamblesby sewing day - but one with a slight difference.  Most of us were doing the same project - a Gail Pan tote bag - completely with some embroidery panels.

I had the kit so did the bag in a blue colourway.  Everything is complete - apart from the handles and finishing touches.

Pat had already done the bag twice so had made up a couple of her own original designs - before starting to make a caravan machine cover.

Gill is a beginner and was working on a stunning Filbert Fox cushion.

Meanwhile Lyn, Heather and Louise were all working on their tote bag

Ev was starting to cut out the myriad of pieces to make the bag in a red colourway and PAt was working on her patchwork blocks.

Meanwhile Terry was working on her squirrel splendid sampler block.

Talking about the blocks - I managed to finish the Dresden plate block last night - so that's 10 left now!


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