Friday, 15 July 2016

"Watts for tea" - rescuing Cinders from her labours

Today started well - with a programme of housework ahead.  Two piles of ironing, hoovering and tidying up, cleaning the kitchen - and then putting the binding on the Tuesday night quilt - I was not destined to be bored today.  However there was a welcome phone call from Wendy, and her husband Nigel, - would I like to come out for coffee and a cake?  Well - "Watts" a girl to do?  The hoover was turned off and the cleaning left - it will still be here when I get back!  We have a local tea shop which has opened within the last year or so and set in the grounds of an old windmill - they do exceedingly good cakes and I enjoyed a lemon meringue cake, Wendy had a gluten free coffee and mandarin cake whilst Nigel had a coffee and cherry cake - mmmmm

After my morning exertions I set to finishing the tidying up and then attaching the black border to the quilt.  That way I could find an excuse to sit on the sofa and slip stitch it down whilst watching the end of last night's Masterchef!  Daisy, of course, made herself comfortable and "slobbed out" next to me!

After walking the dogs, doing an online shop order for next week (I have a £10 off a £50 Sainsbury's voucher so would be rude not to) and ordering a new house sign  - I got around to opening the post.  It would appear that my MRI scan will be on Thursday 28th July - which sent me into a tail spin. Jean is away that week and Wendy usually works on a Thursday.  Help.  Desperate messages were sent out but, whilst waiting for a reply , I was working out the logistics - taxi to train station, train to Scunthorpe etc etc when Wendy rang - as it so happened she was off that day so could help me out - phew!  Minutes later Sewingbuddy came up trumps as well - problem over! 

Lastly do you remember the problems that I had a with a tax claim and understanding the form?  Well, as Happymum predicted, they have been in contact with me - the confusion was over which tax year I was claiming in and they needed some more information.  He now says that he has enough info and will proceed - on the assumption that my current situation does not change.  However, at the end of the financial year, they will do a check and they might, at that stage, owe me more or I might owe them!  Let's see how that one goes!


  1. Mmmm nothing like an unexpected trip to the tea shop!
    Glad the tax riddle has been solved!

  2. Sounds like you got good and worried before your transportation problem seemly solved it's self.
    I am slower making my sewing projects than you are I just finished a "Sew together" bag it has 4 zippers (straight seams so really not a big deal at all) and will hold my bits a pieces when I sew away from home
    It took a week one session cutting two sessions machine sewing (much chatting with friends also) and one session hand sewing bindings (I could have machine done them but my hand sewing , not perfect, is so much better looking than my machine sewn down bindings
    I continue to send warm thoughts and prayers your way