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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

What a lovely day - and one full of surprises!

I woke up feeling absolutely fabulous - until I opened my left eye that is!  Nevertheless a pain free night must and should be celebrated!  During this period I have been overwhelmed with the number of offers of help and support but have not always welcomed company - today I felt up to it and messaged Terry - did she want to pop over?  Yes please, was the answer, I will bring lunch.  well, with the Tesco delivery yesterday I was able to offer ham, eggs, new potato and grated carrot with fresh fruit salad for afters.  Terry brought a wide range of salads, French bread, carrot cake and scones - along with orange juice - it was a veritable feast!  I went outside and sorted the table - and moved these mini geranium plugs - they are really flourishing now!!

Just as these messages were going backwards and forwards Jean turned up - she had decided to clean the road sign at the end of her road and had decided to pop round and help me with any cleaning that needed doing.  Suffice to say Millie and Daisy tried to keep her busy!

However we all sat down to our feast and a long natter - it was a lovely day and we sat outside.

Even Millie and Daisy took advantage and fell asleep.

Then we had a visit from Christine - the church secretary - who came to pick up some signed cheques from me - cue more nattering.

The final treat of the day - and an absolutely shocker - was a phone call from the hospital with a date for my MRI scan - tomorrow night at 9pm!!  They had had a cancellation so would I like the appointment?  "Like" might be too strong a word but yes please - let's get this one over and done with please!

So I have done absolutely nothing today - and had a great time filled with gossip, fun and friendship - just what the doctor ordered!!


  1. Oh that is fantastic about the scan! I didn't expect it to be that quick! Don't they work late!! Who would have thought they worked at 9pm!
    How lovely to have friends come...and friends with food even better and friends coming to clean...well it just gets better! Glad that you can at least sleep.x

    1. And, as an update, my gp has just rung asking me to go in and discuss the problem on Friday - following up
      In my note from A&E - the system works !!

  2. Sounds just like just my sort of day!!!! A big thank you to your friends for all the help they are giving you. Well done xxxxx

  3. Was nice to see you today,
    And a Lovely lazy day in the garden, and very nice lunch.
    Good news with scan and follow up so quickly.