Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thinking happy thoughts

After the pace of yesterday, I enjoyed a pain free evening and night - not waking up until 8am!!  Mind you I do find that my eye takes 2 / 3 hours to get comfortable in the morning so there was some pain but, by lunchtime, I was feeling fine.

So - what did I do to while away the hours?  Err - looked on the internet and ordered some bedroom furniture for upstairs - I will be broke at this rate!  Mind you the two pieces are gorgeous (and they were in a sale)!

Otherwise it has been some ironing (sitting down just to be lazy) and finishing the second row of my Tuesday night block quilt - anything other than thinking about this MRI scan tonight.  I've promised to just think happy thoughts and get through it - although the happy thoughts are diminishing as we approach the bewitching hour! 

I will do a proper blog tomorrow - when its all over.  Honest!


  1. Keep thinking happy thoughts, take a CD of Donny Osmond, they will probably let you listen to it. Remember it will only be about twenty minutes of your life.!! Twill soon be over.xxxxxx

  2. Waiting for the results will be the worst bit for me!
    As for ironing sitting down....isn't that the proper way to do it!! No one ever told me otherwise!
    Thinking of you tonight ((hugs))