Monday, 4 July 2016

Normal service is resumed - ish!

Apologies for missing the past two blogs - Saturday saw me wiped out on the sofa, being sick when I moved, and Sunday saw me at A & E.  My good friend Wendy gave up her valuable free time to take me.  It turns out that there's no problem with my eye - although I am seeing double vision - it's more a problem with my brain (cheerful eh?).  They took blood tests and ruled out optical nerve damage and ordered an MRI scan to rule out anything more serious.  They said that often this sort of things comes from nowhere and then goes again - without anyone knowing what the problem was - it could go in days or in 6 to 12 months - yikes!! Meanwhile I have to wear an eye patch to reduce the strain and therefore the pain (that means no driving then!) and take pain killers as and when necessary.  Suffice to say that I slept for England when I got home!

Mind you - this is a good diet - I have lost 11 pounds since Thursday!!  Last night I ate half of a children's fish pie from M & S - the dogs had the rest!  I am trying to eat every now and then - even if I don't feel hungry.  Otherwise you won't know whether the lack of energy is down to lack of fuel or just being poorly!

Suffice to say there hasn't been any sewing during this period but my new blinds for the craft room arrived today and look quite smart.  I've also managed to do a quick tidy up - nothing major but the poor dogs have had a field day over the past few days - my new door mat seems to have been dragged around the lounge!

This afternoon I sewed the sashing for the first row of my Tuesday night blocks.  I think that I got away with it - my only mistake, so far, seems to be adding sashing to the last block - novice error!

Tonight I think that its time to rest the eyes again!  I'm missing the hand sewing but don't want to push it.


  1. Hoping you get an appointment soon and yes definitely look after those eyes and rest up
    ((big hugs)) x

  2. Good to see you back!!!!!! As you say 'don't push it'. There will be plenty of time for sewing when you are better.xxxx

  3. Wow you don't do things half way. Sorry there is no instant cure and that you don't seem to have a diagnosis. I think knowing I have such and such it so much better than gosh no name but it'll be better later.
    I hope you can get answers and cures
    Oh and I missed you greatly