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Sunday, 10 July 2016

A worrying moment .....

This morning, as usual over the past week, I woke up and opened my right eye - and then gingerly opened my left eye.  Shhh - I think that there could be a little improvement.  I still see double when both eyes are open ( they don't seem to want to focus on the same point) but the left eye is not seeing double at the moment.  Hope that I am not fooling myself but that seemed positive.

Which then made the next moment so strange.  I really REALLY want to finish this "Tuesday night quilt" that I keep harping on about - painting the forth bridge would have been quicker - and so started to put on some sashing with the sewing machine - only to find that the machine needed re- threading.  No problem - I have a needle threader after all - apart from the fact that, suddenly, my right eye couldn't see very clearly.  HELP !  I was beginning to feel like that song "Four wheels on my waggon and I'm still rolling along" - what could go wrong next?   Well  - perhaps the eye might have been more focussed if I was wearing my reading glasses rather than my long distance ones!  Phew - that was close!

Anyway I am now making progress with the quilt - all 7 rows have been "sashed" with the backs slip stitched on five of them.  Three rows have now been joined and I am hoping to do the others before the craft group tomorrow so that I can take it and hand sew the back seams.  That will just leave the binding and the hanging sleeve to go.  I have to say that we were told to do the sashing and binding with calico but I quite like being a rebel - I wanted the black to give a "stained glass window" effect.

Other than that it has been a warm day here so I have mowed the lawn, got rid of some ikea candles via the freely given facebook page for our area, changed the bed, sorted through some boxes from upstairs and loaded a bag of raffle books and prizes to take with me tomorrow for church.  I think that I have earned a sit down - tonight, on ch4 at 6:30pm,  there's a programme on musicals followed by Les Miserables - just my kind of viewing!


  1. Quilts looking bril, well done,
    That must have been scary with your right eye!
    But good news with the left, sounds like it's trying to recover?
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow. X

  2. Oooerr a scary moment...but good to hear the left eye is settling...even if a little bit, its progress when you think where you were this time last week.
    Lovely sewing as usual :)

  3. A bit scaryllll sounds as though you bad eye might be making progress, who h will be brilliant. The quilt. Looks lovely, well worth the effort. Well done.xxxxx

  4. Eeek I can't figure out which eye is which or what is seeing how when. No big deal it is only important you and your health care team have that information.
    I can feel for you when you know threading a needle without good depth perception might be a challenge and then it's the clarity that is the issue must have been so scary.
    I am so glad you figured it out
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers
    All the best
    Colleen 😃👍🏻😎