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Thursday, 14 July 2016

A "flat packed" kind of day

Now I realise that, through this blog, those of you who don't know me must have assumed that I am a suave, polished lady, used to the finer things in life, shops at waitrose etc.  Well, naturally, all of this is true (cough) but I do have a guilty pleasure.  I LOVE IKEA flat packed furniture!!  I have therefore been anxious that there were no appointments for the 14th July (today) so that I could take delivery of two sets of drawers.  Normally, of course, I would have driven to IKEA (the delivery charge is an eye watering £35) but it's a 4 hour return trip and, of course, I can't drive at the moment!

So, having been told that the drawers would be here between 10am and 2pm, I also ordered a Tesco shop for 10am - 11am.  By 10:15am both the drawers and the food had arrived!  Well, ladies and gentlemen, what's a girl to do - but to start making up the drawers?  I wanted a set to go under the sewing table filled with sewing goodies and a smaller set to hold paperwork etc under the computer - so I started on the smaller set.  I have been used to the wooden dowling etc construction method but these small metal drawers were a revelation.  Talk about precision engineering!  Sheets of metal were perforated to fold into drawers and metal tabs were flipped back to hold things in place.  In fact more screws were used to hold the handles on than in the rest of the cabinet!  Of course time will tell if it stands up to the rigour of use but I have never been disappointed in an IKEA product and the metal drawers were only £25!

By lunchtime the first set of drawers were made - although Daisy had used the room as a playground, crawling under the boxes, lying alongside Millie etc.

After lunch I started on the larger set - which used the more usual construction techniques.  By now I fear that Daisy realised how dangerous my construction site was and therefore hid.

Well, I thought that she was scared.  Having seen the state of my hall littered with her debris, perhaps Daisy was just feeling guilty!

Anyway both sets of drawers are now complete and I therefore have no excuse not to finish the decluttering of the conservatory - oops!

The other reason that I have been looking forward to today is that today's splendid sampler block is designed by one of my favourite designers - Gail Pan.  I am struggling to embroider with one eye - so it was timely that Amazon delivered a magnifier for me today!


  1. Great units! Who doesn't love Ikea :)

  2. Yes I am an IKEA fan also and it is a drive for me but I would be hard pressed (as you are not being allowed to drive) to pay that delivery fee and I like to arrive early to eat breakfast and usually stay long enough for at least one more meal ....ah sometimes breakfast lunc and dinner....the place is big right?
    Anyway on to you .... You are doing a great job of getting things done and moving forward in your life it is a help to me to see you figuring what you can to to keep moving toward your goals

    My I am dealing with emontional difficulties and there is no physical reason holding me back from dealing with what needs to be done to reach my goals so thanks to you and your inspiration I am doing it one step at a time no matter how long it that takes it will be less time than if I never started 😇