Monday, 11 July 2016

We are off and running ....

This morning started well - no pain, no painkillers - and I set to finishing the sashing on the quilt.  Now that we are nearing the end of this project I am beginning to like it - particularly the choice of black as a frame.  I have lots of sewing on the back to do and then the binding but I am aiming to finish it by Saturday when we next meet up at Scamblesby.

Of course today was my next opportunity to ring for an MRI scan date at Scunthorpe.  Apparently they know of me and my need for a scan but that knowledge hasn't reached the appointments office - go figure - I will try again tomorrow.  However, and before you all think that I am slacking, I was called this afternoon by the hospital to see a consultant on Wednesday morning so, as the title suggests, we are off and running!

This afternoon Carine kindly took me to craft group - lots of nattering opportunities - and then Jean took me to the doctors to pick up my prescription eye pads.  Truthfully he wasn't sure what to order but what has arrived is a pad with a stretchy bandage - now that WOULD be dramatic!  I'm off to make some for myself - I have fabric so why not?  They must be better than pads stuck with surgical tape across my face!

Tonight someone is coming to take a bookcase away for the church and I am bagging up another charity bag for collection tomorrow.  Other than that its a nice evening of sports free relaxation for me ( and, perhaps, some black sashing sewing!)


  1. Now there's an idea...coordinating eye patches for each outfit!!

    1. lol - judging by how few patterns there are out there I see a marketing opportunity!

  2. Go for it!!!! Hopefully you won't need them for long.xxxxxx

  3. Just make sure you use you eye covers on only one eye at a time ..... covering both might make getting around a bit awkward