Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Warning - this is a "no crafting" blog!

Today Dad drove Mum and I over to Brigg garden centre.  It's a lovely garden centre - full of really interesting nick nacks.  This door stop, for example, I could make - but for £5?

These wooden baskets just called out to come home with me!

But the real reason for going was to meet up with my brother, Phil, and his wife, Chris, who drove over from Manchester to meet us and have lunch.  It was also Phil who challenged me to write a non crafting blog!

When we meet up we have a £2 challenge - pick a name at random, split up and buy them something for £2.  Today we upped the price to £3 and Phil bought me these three lovely hanging ornaments.

When we arrived home, a parcel had arrived - my birthday present a week early - a new house sign!

There is more to say - particularly about some work that went on in the house today - but I will leave that until tomorrow!


  1. Great choice Phil!
    Lovely door stop...and in RED too nudge nudge wink wink xx

  2. Very impressed with the non craft theme - maybe you could have a Leicester City themed blog tomorrow?