Friday, 29 July 2016

Frugal friday

This post may be short - my internet is playing up today!  Anyway back to last night - what was I scared of. I took the British stiff upper lip approach and laid back, eyes closed, thinking of my new summerhouse, new rocking chair and singing "oh what a night" to myself. Half an hour later the ordeal was over - and I really couldn't believe that it had lasted as long!  I definitely won't be so scared next time.

Today, as the title suggests, we are being frugal. After seeing a recipe for "cheese pudding" on the back of Wendy's bookmark last night ( what a star - giving up her free evening to drive me to Scunthorpe and back!). I just had to try it out. I added onions and bacon but it used up those hardening slices of bread that we often throw away - and was amazing.  Dinner tonight is shepherds pie using left over mince from yesterday whilst dessert is a family concoction. Chocolate borboun biscuits dipped in the left over raspberry coulis and then sandwiched together with cream. If it works ( we usually use orange juice) then , over the day , the biscuits will absorb the flavours and takes on a consistency similar to tiramisu - don't knock it until you've tried it!  Of course all this cooking took its toll on everyone. I looked around to find everyone sparked out!

( they will hate me for this  one!)

Of course we ruined the frugality by popping out for a coffee this afternoon - yep, another garden centre - but mum did get to try out a wheelchair. She found it the most frustrating experience - apparently we only stopped when we wanted to look at  something and she ended up with a crooked neck!


  1. Lol!
    Love the pics of everyone sleeping,
    But no wonder - it all sounds very exhausting,
    glad you got through the scan o.k.X

  2. Yum to the cheese pud! Sounds very like a cheese pud recipe I have in an old book, except the eggs are added whole with no whisking of the whites. Is lovely with beans and bacon as a quick and easy meal...and even with a cooked breakfast!
    Great snoozing piccie! If a wheelchair is needed we have one!!